About Us


        About Us

As a startup, we aim to fulfill the dream of our customers & firmly believe that we can change the way the world functions. We got the idea of inception from a thought to achieve something big by serving our clients and understanding their needs & requirement. Jungoos is a web solutions company with global delivery engine that houses a team of technical, creative and business experts who leverage best practices, proven expertise and resources to deliver the best in Internet services, high-impact software and e-commerce solutions.

The dynamics of doing a business has changed, customer have moved into a different business world. Which can be only answered by technology. The change in the way of doing business inspired “Jungoos” to start its operation, so that it can bring latest technology to its customer by understanding their need & customizing the solutions to the extent that the customer is the ultimate winner.

Customer satisfaction & high level of flexibility as per the customer’s requirement is the preferred description “Jungoos” as a company wants for itself.


To enable our customers to achieve their optimal operational efficiency with efficacy & empower each and every stakeholders to realize their dreams.

Core Values

  • To provide excellent services at competitive prices with by adhering to relationship management practices.

  • To achieve competitiveness in all core business activities by providing the flexibility to the customer.

  • To create a working environment and culture that fosters individual growth, team spirit and creativity to overcome challenges and attain goals.